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The Augert Lab

Yale University, School of Medicine 

Our Research

The goal of our laboratory is to dissect the transcriptional and epigenetic mechanisms that promote cancer development and modulate responses to targeted and immune-based therapeutic strategies. We are particularly interested in the study of small cell lung cancer (SCLC), a very aggressive and lethal neuroendocrine tumor. We have built a multidisciplinary research program that combines cell biology, human and mouse genetics, bioinformatics, and cutting-edge molecular biology techniques. Using these innovative approaches, we seek to make significant conceptual advances in our understanding of transcriptional and epigenetic reprogramming, phenotypic plasticity and cellular heterogeneity during tumor initiation, progression and in response to cancer therapy. We anticipate that our basic and translational findings will pave the way for novel, more effective therapeutic strategies for patients.


Join our Team

Our lab focuses on curiosity-driven research that aims to make significant conceptual advances in our understanding of cancer biology and cancer therapy. Our goal is to unlock novel and better therapeutic treatments for patients. Our team is built of experienced scientists from across the globe, based in the heart of New Haven at Yale University, School of Medicine. We are dedicated to research, innovation, education, and mentoring the next generation of scientists. ​

We're currently on the lookout for motivated postgraduates, graduate students, post-doctorates and visiting scientists. 

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